‘Scale Up Your Business: HR 101’ Workshop

‘Scale Up Your Business: HR 101’ Workshop

Our latest workshop concluded successfully, in a full-day session where our group of attendees, all consisting of startup founders and owners aspiring to scale up their businesses, learned about the fundamentals of human resources management. Our navigators, Ripy Mangkoesoebroto and Kistiandari Satrianingrum related their experiences in leading and guiding startups. Our attendees began the day with ice breakers, each getting to know each others’ birthdays, and after our participants became better acquainted with each other, started on the first activity of the day, which was a quiz on their knowledge of HR practices fundamental to all companies, from startups to established firms.

HR 101 Workshop by 3V Company HR 101 Workshop by 3V Company

With the room’s score averaging 39%, our social media team interviewed some of our participants, who were pleasantly surprised at the intricacies of a solid HR system, and were more pumped to begin actually getting to the core competencies of our program, in order to fix the holes in their knowledge of human resources. All together, throughout the day, our participants were taught the fundamentals of Recruitment, Employer Branding, Performance Management, Rewards Systems, as well as Regulations and the Responsibilities of the Employer, by Bu Ripy, Bu Ririen, Bu Soni, and our sponsor for the day, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

Finally, we topped off our workshop with a second go of our earlier quiz, and to our joy, the room’s score increased significantly by around 20 percent, showing us that our participants indeed had scaled up their HR knowledge from the learnings of the day! After a final session of prizes and a photo session, we closed our workshop with the sincere wish that the participants were able to take what they had learned from us, and to implement it within their own small and medium enterprises, and boost their people’s productivity!


With that, its a wrap from us this time, and we hope to see you at our next workshop!


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