Corporate Culture and Digital Transformation

Ideally, the success of any change initiatives will require a holistic and integrated approach encompassing alignment at the top management level, determining the right corporate culture archetype, values and behaviors, down to the specific action plan to communicate and reinforce the right behaviours.


We understand that different corporations are at different journey in term of building their corporate culture. 3V is able to provide different types of interventions for each different stages of the culture immersion process.

People Management Services

Any changes in a corporation will require changes in people management practices to support it. 3V also provides assistance in the following areas:


  • Strategic HR Consultancy
  • HR Audit
  • Best Practice Sharing Session
  • Navigating Through Change Workshop
  • Design Thinking Workshop

OMNIA: Your App for Productivity & Performance Management

Manage performance, culture, and well-being in the digital era with our app, Omnia. Transform into a new way of working facilitated by technology, in order to deliver targets and optimize performance while ensuring employee well-being and nurturing company culture.