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A Mobile Application for Leaders and Team Members to Optimize their Productivity through:

1. Performance optimization

2. Well-being enhancement

3. Culture nurturing

All to achieve sustainable growth

What Challenges do Leaders Face in Managing their Employees’ Performance? Our survey revealed…

performance management challenges: feedback and coaching
performance management challenge: dialogue between managers and employees not yet a habit
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performance management challenge is supervisor subjectivity

If you’ve experienced any of the above challenges, Omnia is the solution for you:

With Omnia, your employees can:


1. Track their projects, tasks, and deadlines

2. Manage their workload

3. Monitor their well-being

4. Rate their tasks & projects

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Management and leaders will be able to view:

1. Overall performance of teams and individuals, and project-specific performance

2. Use the previous data to generate insights between similar project delivery, teams’ and individuals’ performance

3. Employee well-being overview

4. Insights on corporate culture-related behavior

Work from anywhere and achieve the best results together

Facilitate remote work in a dynamic business landscape with Omnia’s mobile application.


Assign tasks, guarantee deliverables, ensure quality, and optimize employee performance and wellbeing, from anywhere.

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When everyone has the correct priorities and all of the work is visible, amazing things start to happen. Communication increases. Trust develops. Team members hold each other accountable. Morale increases.


And teams finally get back to doing what they’ve always dreamed of – creating great products


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