Giving Time Back for Productivity

Giving Time Back for Productivity

Where giving employees back one-fifth of their week leads to proven leaps in productivity

Noteworthy companies such as Google and 3M have included a policy where employees are given time during the week where they’re free to work on various side projects, a rule called ’20% Time’. Tales like these serve the role of ‘symbols’ in a company’s culture, serving as a basis of a company ritual (in this case the 20% time), and the manifestation of a company’s value, in this case, taking time away from rigid antiquated conventions of schedules, and prioritizing giving space to have employees exercise their creativity.
This rule led to the creation of Gmail and Google Maps, amongst others. Creating this culture, whose main goal is that of allowing employees an outlet for their creativity, has also been shown to let them manage their time better and reduce burnout, as well as attract a greater pool of potential hires, who’ll be attracted to this culture that nurtures and allows them to exercise their creativity.
3V hopes to assist our partners in order to create a culture of fairness as well as productivity, through creating a workplace environment that potential hires will actively desire to be in, and for employees to actively seek to improve in.



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