Diversity and Inclusion as a Critical Part of Culture Change

Diversity and Inclusion as a Critical Part of Culture Change

According to Forbes, the model every business needs to adopt in the early steps of their shift to a digital culture consists if these 5 steps:
Customer-obsessed, Collaborative, Responsive and Agile, Transparent and Open, and Risk-taking, and argues that to shift culture, behaviors need to shift, i.e to improve customer experience, leaders need to re-orient their employees’ behavior to reflect this target of theirs.
As a partner for Gen X companies taking a step to the digital world, 3V represents this model through our 3 values of
Vision – having a set goal to improve business such as improving the customer’s experience
Versatility – being Responsive and Agile
Valor – taking risks to improve strategy, recognizing the rewards that could spring from their strategy

An important aspect of culture transformation according to Carolyn Taylor, founder of Walking the Talk, is that of collaboration. A prerequisite of collaboration is inclusiveness in the workplace. In many companies, 50% of the workforce, women, are made to feel left out, and in order to optimize the effect of increasing collaboration, it is important that workplaces are inclusive to female employees.
According to a survey by McKinsey and LeanIn three-quarters of CEOs believe gender equality to be a priority, yet the fact that men outnumber women in executive and managerial positions contradicts this. Forbes believes that culture change needs to begin at the top, suggesting methods such as ensuring an equal gender split in teams to ensure a balance in gender perspectives, training, and protection against harassment and bias, and mentorship programs by women for women.
As a partner in culture transformation, 3V also believes that a company’s vision should include women’s empowerment and that there is valor in being more women-inclusive in managerial and executive spaces which according to Catalyst, leads to increased productivity and higher financial performance.


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