4 Advantages of Using Online Recruitment

4 Advantages of Using Online Recruitment

4 Advantages of Using Online Recruitment

Online recruitment has come a long way since its first appearance at the dawn of internet (the year 1994 with Monster.com). From its conception until now, it’s easy to see that the real benefit of online recruitment came from its ability to streamline the recruitment process through automation of various tasks that usually would take a considerable amount of time and human effort. Online HR softwares (e.g., internet job boards, applicant tracking systems, resume databases, online testing and assessments) have now helped numerous companies in attracting the right applicant in a much efficient ways.


WIDE REACH OF AUDIENCE: Job vacancies posted online will reach a wider audience compared to its print media kin. This will result in a higher chance for companies to come across with candidates that possess the desired specific skills.

SPEED. In terms of processing time, online recruitment softwares allow companies to quickly and transparently monitor their potential candidates’ recruitment journey, from the day their CV was picked up, until the day where they signed into the company. This is advantageous for companies that want to hire a high number of people for projects that are seasonal in nature.

EFFICIENCY. Online recruitment softwares often provide tools (i.e., pre-employment screenings, personality assessments, and specific skill tests) that will allow companies to test the compatibility of candidates with said organizations’ values and culture with minimal effort from their HR personnel. Many online recruiting softwares offer a variety of these assessments that can be customized to meet the organization’s specific needs for each job opening.

COST. Online recruiting softwares allow companies to automate pre-selection processes that would’ve usually be carried out by HR personnel. This might lead to a lessened cost in the long run, as it means a streamlining of HR personnel’s tasks and obligations.

With the wide array of options available in the market, it is essential for potential users to analyse the benefits that online recruitment softwares might bring to their table. Learning about the options and the right combination of resources are key in yielding the most optimal results for a company’s recruitment process.

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