3V on Team Building, Culture, and Recruitment: an Event by Bizcom.id 

3V on Team Building, Culture, and Recruitment: an Event by Bizcom.id 


Nowadays, people often get mixed up between culture, values, engagement, and code of conduct. Values are very important as a benchmark for behavior. Engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. Code of conduct lays out an organization’s expectations and guides the principles for appropriate workplace behavior.

However, culture consists of the patterns of behavior (that are encouraged, discouraged or tolerated) by the people and the system over time.
Culture is created through the messages people receive about unspoken values such as:
Behaviors: role models, meetings, conferences, emails, interaction with others.
Symbols: How budgets are allocated, how time is spent, people’s promotions, offices, car parks, titles.
Systems: Planning and budgeting, performance review and reward, measurement, reporting and learning, structure. (By Walking the Talk)
So when we talk about culture, Leaders have to be clear what kind of the culture that they want to focus and build.
3V’s role is helping the company identify behaviors, symbols and systems to build a good corporate culture to meet the corporate target in the short or long term with the right strategy.

As Peter Drucker quotes “Culture eats strategy for Breakfast”

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